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The voices in PR1 and PR2 are in the VL70 ROM in the same fmaort as the custom voices. The “Current” fmaort is just a convoluted inversion of any voice when it is placed in the PLAY buffer. We never found out why Yamaha did this but that’s how it is. And that’s the only you can dump a preset voice out of the VL70.SYX2CUS is one of the utilities I wrote along with CUS2STX for transferring voices to and from the VL70. However David Rice wrote a converter for Current to Custom. I can send this and the others we wrote along with the source code if you like.I can also send you an image of the VL70 ROM with all the voices in it. Then you and chop out any voice you want and edit it as you like.The convolution of Preset or Custom to Current Voice really only affects the control parameters as listed in the VL70 list book. The “element” of the voice, which is the heart of the voice remains unchanged in all these fmaorts. It’s shown in the book as “reserved.” This was the challenge when we reverse engineered the ROM and wrote the Expert Editor. I think David already sent you a copy of the source code.The Internal voice is a small file modifying some of the control parameters of a preset or custom voice.Hope this helps. I'm glad to see someone else taking an interest in editing. I'm happy to assist in any way I can.You can contact me directly at: aaron5678 at gmail.comBest, Aaron

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