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Well done, Ricardipus Alyssa, I'm afraid I won't be able to meet up with you, as I am not acllatuy coming to Toronto any time soon! If my plans change, I promise I'll do my best to meet you then! (Can you tell that your comment made me feel a wee bit guilty about the joke?!) Maybe you could try to meet up with Eva instead? It'll be almost exactly like meeting up with me!Chall, indeed! Cats on both sides of the Atlantic are our masters, and we are merely staff.Amelie, I totally agree. Cats tend to help with the stress levels, too, except for when they're deleting files by walking on the keyboard, and ripping your important papers to shreds ScientistMother, yeah, that doesn't exactly sound like a calm and peaceful working environment!Mike, it's never a bad idea.Bob, I spent most of trying to explain hockey to Eva


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Wow! What a list! and all good stuff (minus perhaps the house clenniag bit). That photo! Almost made me lose my breath! Look at the mountains!!! I visit the Rockies almost every year and I miss them terribly the rest of the year.


1. too long2. too much repeating phsare3. too plainin short, this song's not gonna be in my playlist. you should have added more words so that the song will be stronger and more depressing, instead of repeating the same lyrics again and again. and you need to be braver to reach high and low notes dramatically, I guess. um but this opinion is just based on my favorite music. cheers!sincerely, your bitchy pal


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Well done! Did you manage to imorpt all your comments aswell? I'm still deleting the comments that imorpted several times, but only have another 10,000 to go RSI, here I come. At least you had a simple template, being such a simple man -> runs for the hills'.


Thank you very much for another helfpul post. I have been a big fan for a few months, and I have been enjoying ever second of it With so many autogenerated blogs out there, its refreshing to find a real one. I run a blog that is very similar, is there any way you would write a guest post on it? Shoot me an email if you are interested!


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